Rock & Earth Excavation

We are industry leaders dealing with difficult sites and a wide range of specialised excavation services.

Rock and Earth Boring

  • Specialised Contractors in Rock and Earth Boring
    Up to 12 metres in depth
    Up to 900 in diametre

Rock Breaking | Rock Sawing | Rock Ripping

  • Rock and concrete breaking, rock ripping that includes technique as to correctly excavate for rock wall slabs.
  • Rock sawing is ideal for eco environments and old structures with it low noise and low vibration.
  • We have two Austramac Flashcut Rock Saws with diamond blades 2200RM and  1400RM.
  • We also remove sandstone using these techniques for use in other areas for retaining walls or structural walls.

Detailed Excavation Work

  • We make sure the site cut is done correctly.
  • We prepare the site with laser assistance and detailed trench work.
  • The earth is cut from above the desired ground height and then used to fill a hole to desired ground level.
  • This method is commonly used to create an even ground surface.
  • Highly experienced operators with years of experience.
  • Specialise in difficult sites.